The Connecticut Z Car Club: Club Policies

Purpose: We are a "Z" club. We are not a Nissan club, a Datsun club, a 510 club or an Altima club. While most of us love cars of all makes and models, we are a Z club. You do not need to own a Z to join. We welcome anyone who has a love and appreciation of these great cars.

Membership: We are an inclusive club that welcomes EVERYONE that behaves appropriately. While we have a huge variety of cars in our club, it is the rich variety of people that makes our club great.

Structure: We are a free club. If you must part with your money, feel free to make a donation or buy some club merchandise. This model has worked extremely well for us and we have no plans now or in the future of charging dues.

Events & Parking: You do not need to drive a Z to our meetings or events. But if you arrive at a meeting or event without a Z, you may be asked to park elsewhere if space is limited. If we are having a Z event such as a car show, you should not expect or ask to park your Porsche, BMW or Dodge Neon with the Z's!

Behavior: We are a "family-friendly" club. This means we do not tolerate the posession, use or sale of illegal substances or alcohol at our meetings or events. In addition, please do not arrive drunk, under the influence or use inappropriate language. If you wouldn't do it in front of your children, please don't do it at our gatherings. Remember, as a club member your behavior reflects both positively and negatively on everyone else.

Pets: We have a no-pet policy at our meetings and events - PERIOD. Many of us have and love pets. But pets, cars and some children and adults do not mix. If you bring a pet to a meeting or event, you will be asked to leave. Please do them and us a favor and leave them home.

Gatherings: Please treat our gathering places with the same level of care and respect that you would treat your home. We have never been kicked out of a meeting place and would like to keep it that way. Please do not speed, do burn-out's, rev engines, play loud music, litter or otherwise act inappropriately at any of our meetings and events. The folks that host us - dealers, businesses and private homes - all deserve your respect and appreciation.

Discussion Forum: We do not tolerate disrepectful exchanges on our Discussion Forum. You should always feel free to speak your mind, disagree and challenge others. But if you start attacking people personally or using inappropriate language, you will receive one warning. Strike two and you and your Forum ID will be history.

Activities: We have a very small core of dedicated Officers for the large number of members in our club (over 500 locally). While we love suggestions and new ideas, our Officers are stretched very thin with jobs, kids, spouses and other hobbies and activities. We receive countless suggestions from our members that we should do this...or maybe that. We cannot be all things to all people. We would rather do a few things very well than a constantly expanding number of things poorly. So for the foreseeable future, we will host monthly meetings from April through October and run 2-3 events a season. That's it! This is a formula that has worked well for us and we have no plans of changing it.

If you want to host a gathering at your home, a coffee run, a Fun Run or have other interesting ideas - go for it! You do not need our permision to host or run informal non-club events. We are "self-service" in this respect - just post your activity in the Upcoming Events thread on our Discussion Forum.