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This is the home of the Connecticut Z Car Club.

We are a group of people from in and around Connecticut and the Northeast who enjoy Z cars of all years, varieties and conditions. Whether you're a fan of the vintage Z's, the popular ZX's, the newer 370's and "400's", or anything in between, you've found the place to discuss what's on your mind.

The goal of The Connecticut Z Car Club is simple: to make owning a Z car an even better experience.

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CTZCC 14th Annual Fall Outing - held October 19, 2019 in Darien, CT.


New and Noteworthy:
Nissan Sport Magazine

The Z car made its debut in the United States in 1969. During the period of October 1969 through September 1970, Datsun made about 7,000 1970 model 240Z's for the U.S.

The Z with the lowest VIN number ever sold in the U.S. was VIN HLS30-00013. "Lucky 13", as it later became to be known, was long thought to have been lost to the crusher or otherwise gone forever.

Through an almost miraculous series of events, #13 was discovered here in Connecticut - very much alive and well.

The discovery of #13 is so extraordinary that Nissan Sport Magazine featured it as the cover story in a recent issue.

To read all the first-hand details about how #13 was uncovered, please see this thread in our discussion forum.

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